Data Entry

This is another of those "just won’t go away" scams. This is probably the most popular falsely advertised program on the Internet.

It sounds like you’ll be just entering data from forms into boxes on a web-page or something. This is not a job like that. This is where they instruct you on how to place ads on the Internet promoting affiliate programs. They pitch it as data entry because that sounds easier to do.

Don’t fall for these… they won’t tell you what it really is until *after* they have your money! Oh sure they tell you what’s it’s not though. Here’s something to remember when searching for an Internet money-making opportunity, in the pitch, if the list of what it isn’t is longer than the list of what it is, RUN AWAY!!!!!! That’s the oldest trick in the book.

If they really had valuable information they would tell you what it was before you buy it! I’m not saying they have to give you their secrets… I’m just saying you should know at least how it works and what it really is from the sales copy. If not, don’t buy it!!! Enough said!

You’ll notice that all of the programs I recommend tell you what they are and what they are about before you buy. That is one of my requirements when recommending a program. I have never found a legit program that only tells you what it isn’t!

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