PayPal (and all other) Chain Letters 

DO NOT EVEN ATTEMPT THESE!! DO NOT GET INVOLVED!! DO NOT SEND ANY OUT!! These things have been around forever and have been illegal for just as long.

Do not believe them when they say they are from a lawyer or that a lawyer has looked at it and it’s completely legal. They are lying!!! Some even go so far as to quote the US Postal and lottery regulations stating that you can read them for yourself to see that it’s legal.

Of course no one who joins one of these things does that. If you did read the regulations carefully you would immediately realize that the laws were written specifically for these types of scams!

Don’t even believe the ones that say you’ll be buying a service or product which makes them legal. This is usually a one page report that each person in the list sends out depending on where they are in the order of the list. This is BULL! They are still illegal!

I actually got into one of these believing what they said about it being legal. This is before the Internet and I went out and bought stamps and envelopes and paid to have the letters copied and sent them out only to have my local postmaster knock on my door.

I didn’t get into any real trouble but I also didn’t make any money and was out the nearly $300 I spent in postage, envelopes, and copying fees. They look great but they do not work and you stand a good chance of getting in serious trouble with the FBI. PASS ON THESE!

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Until next time, to your success!

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