Doublers, Triplers, etc.

The vast majority of these are illegal! But there are always exceptions to the rule.

Some will offer a product or service to get around the legal loopholes but this still doesn’t make them a solid business opportunity.

The problem is that these things, even if they are borderline legal, are impossible to sustain.

Let me give you an example. You sign up and deposit some money. It varies by company but there’s usually an upper limit and sometimes a lower one but it’s normally not more than $10.

Then they guarantee that you will double or triple that amount in a certain amount of time. This also varies but is usually in the 1-3 month range.

Be extremely careful of the ones that say they’ll double in less than a month. So you put in $100 and in three months you get back $200! Great right?

So what’s the problem???

This is the problem. They have to continue to get new people in faster than those already scheduled to get payments. Where else is the money coming from?

Some say they are trading Forex (Foreign Currency Exchanges) but no one makes that kind of money even in the lucrative field of Forex. So no… sadly the majority of the money comes from new deposits.

When the payouts are bigger than the new deposits these things fold faster than you can imagine (overnight). And the money that is left in the program usually goes with the operators! Please just stay away from these and don’t get burned.

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