Free To Join (or any free e-book type offerings)

I’m a little hesitant to mention these here because there are some very legitimate free-to-join programs and some free e-books that have true value. I even promote some of these myself. But there are also enough scams out there using these methods that I have to at least try to let you know how you can tell the difference between the good and the bad.

There are at last two types of the ones to watch out for.

The first is the kind that you are free to join and you can make money on those that you refer *but only* if they upgrade to a paid plan. I’ll tell you right now that no one upgrades to the paid plan. I mean, if you don’t, why on earth would you think anyone else would? And even if you do what makes you expect anyone else is going to?

I’m not saying you can’t make any money in these things, I’m just saying even if you do make a little money it’s not even going to be enough to make it worth the time to drive traffic to your signup page. There are other programs that generate better results.

The other kind to watch out for are the ones that will give you a site for free with all your affiliate links in it. But if you look closely you’ll notice that not all of the links on the page point to your affiliate partners.

For one thing it would be awfully expensive to belong to all the programs that are normally listed on these kinds of pages. So what happens is the guy that put the program together puts his links on "your" page where ever you haven’t supplied an affiliate links for him to put in it for you. See where this is going?

Now you promote the hell out of this page and he gets free hits on his links which are on every "free" website that he has "given" away! Not only that… but if you do decide to join more of the programs so you can get more of the revenue from advertising your page… he’ll have a spot where you can conveniently sign up! I wonder why? 🙂 You’ll be signing up under him which makes him even more money!

Now there’s nothing wrong with this… it’s actually nearly genius in a way. But I’ve had a couple of these and have never got one sign-up or sold an affiliate product once! This is after I had driven tons of traffic to "my" sites.

To top it off you should know that these websites aren’t put together custom for everyone that has one. They are database driven, meaning they all look the same and everything is done automatically!

You do all the work of setting up your own website (except for the initial creation of the original template website). You enter your information and affiliate links, it is all stored in a database. Then when you send someone to that page with your id attached to the web address (URL) the information you entered is retrieved from the database and the page gets built on the fly. This page has your information and links on the page, except for all the links that still belong to the owner of the program because you didn’t belong to all the programs offered.

If you really want to make money with these kinds of websites start one yourself! I have extensive database back-end web programming experience and I’d be happy to help you put one together if that’s what you want to do! 🙂

Do be extremely careful with free-to-join programs in general. You can waste a lot of resources and time on these and have nothing to show for it in the end.

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Until next time, to your success!

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*links in my posts may be affiliate links, I may (or my not) get a commission if you purchase from these links

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