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Now I’m not talking about traffic exchanges and such here. I love traffic exchanges and safe-lists! I know there are many out there that would argue about the effectiveness of these things but I’ve had excellent results with them. You just have to approach them from a different angle than normal advertizing methods.

Back to the subject. 🙂 What I’m talking about here is programs that are usually very expensive in the $1000-$1500 range. And they usually offer a big commission (upwards of 65%) to promote their program. But with all the other programs out there in the same price range it’s a very hard sell.

For that matter, most people just getting into online marketing are pressed for cash as it is and can not afford to shell out that kind of money on something that isn’t a sure thing.

Experienced online markets have no use for these things so your customer base is nearly non-existent to start with. But guess what? The person that referred you has already got their 65% and the company just got another 35% so they don’t care! There are better ways to make an honest living on the Internet so stay away from these!

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